Fogmaker Fire Suppression

Introducing FOGMAKER

Hydair Drives Fluid Power Systems are now authorized distributors in WA for the FOGMAKER System

Fogmaker is a water mist fire protection system with a successful track record in Australia, Europe, USA and Africa – over 80,000 units have been sold worldwide since 1995. Domestically, we have installed 600 plus systems throughout Australia since 2010.

Fogmaker utilises innovative patented high pressure technology that is is 2-3 times more effective when compared (by weight) to gas and powder systems. The actualFogmaker cylinder is a self contained unit requiring little ongoing maintenance. It is smaller, lighter and more compact than conventional foam fire systems and can take up as little real estate as a 9kg portable extinguisher.

We specialise in buses, forestry machines, mining machinery, construction machinery, specialised vehicles, generators and other applications.Our system is ideal for engine rooms and other enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, and is particularly suitable for machines where space to mount a storage cylinder is limited, such as smaller mobile and fixed plant and underground mining machines.