Air Preparation

The Moduflex modular air preparation system is constructed out of aluminium providing the advantages of both lightweight and strength. Combinations may be assembled quickly and easily, the individual units combine face to face with no intermediate block and no increase in overall dimension. The unique ‘Cliplok’ fastener enables combinations of units to be built in a fraction of the time taken by more traditional systems.

Filter: Moduflex Series standard Filter units feature 5-micron elements as standard with a 40-micron option.

Regulator: The Moduflex Series Regulators feature precise control with low hysteresis. The rolling diaphragms also provide longer service life than flat diaphragm designs.

Lubricator: The Moduflex Series Lubricators provide constant, controlled lubrication to downstream equipment, increasing service life and reducing downtime. Moduflex Series Oil Mist type lubricators offer up to twice the oil capacity than traditional designs.

Filter / Regulator: Moduflex Series Filter-Regulators combine precise control with precise control with the advantages of integral filtration. The ideal solution to space-saving in combined installations. Optional tamperproof kit for Regulators and Filter / Regulators


“The Hydair Advantage”