Control Valve

Directional Control Valves

Whether your products move, turn, shape, mould, lift, dig, or haul, you can depend on Hydair Drives range of Valves to deliver the performance you need to stay competitive.

Monoblock Valves: The 5 and 15 GPM manual directional control valves are available in one, two and three spool configurations with options such as system relief valves, pilot operated work port checks, handles, detents, and different spool configurations. Models: SD5 / SD11 / SD18

Sectional Valves: Our sectional control valves offer product breadth with multiple actuation options including manual handle, hydraulic control, and electric control.  Further, the circuit options range from standard open centre to load sensing closed centre circuits. Catalogue: Hydro Control

Joystick Controls: With many mobile applications our joystick and lever control valves offer precision hydraulic control with custom design features. Catalogue: HRC’s

Cetop Valves: Our range of Cetop 3/5 is available in a wide range of spool and coil configurations. Models: Cetop3 / Cetop5

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